Yorkshire Three Peaks




The Yorkshire Three Peaks route is 24 miles (38.6km), and includes 1585m (5200ft) of ascent.

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       The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge takes on the peaks of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough,        usually in this order, and in under 12 hours. These peaks form part of the Pennine range, and encircle        the head of the valley of the River Ribble, in the Yorkshire Dales National Park. 




Without a shadow of a doubt, the Yorkshire Three Peaks is the most underestimated walking challenge in Britain.

Unless you already have a solid level of fitness you will need to train. And train hard.

We have been leading groups for a few years and we have never met anyone, regardless of fitness, who found it easy. Even the fittest walkers are hobbling around at the end! Almost all our clients say that if they did it again they would train harder (some say they would actually do SOME training next time J).


The above quote pretty much sums up exactly how we all felt at the end, I have never felt pain like it and there wasn't one person on the last ascent who didn't complain of an ache or pain somewhere ! 

The Course


  The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge includes, Pen-y-Ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough and is usually done in this order with the River Ribble and two minor B roads between them. The total walking distance is 39.2km (24.5 miles). The following sites offer step by step guides to walking the route. The challenge is to complete the circular route in under 12 hours


Equipment Needed


· Map and compass and know how to use them

· Walking boots (not trainers)

· Head torch and batteries

· First aid kit ) consider thermal blanket and whistle plus blister pack)

· Waterproof jacket and trousers

· Hiking socks (wearing a single pair recommended, rather than using a liner sock)

· Backpack (approx. 20-30 litre size)

· Water container (bottle or Camelbak-style, 1-2 litres)

· Food & hill snacks (pasta, cereal bars, dried fruit, nuts)

· Gloves

· Hat (covering ears)

· Walking trousers (lightweight hiking trousers, not jeans or tracksuit trousers)

· Sports top (not cotton)

· Warm outer layer

· Changes of clothes

· Sunglasses & suncream

· Walking poles

· Light shoes / sandals

· Thermal underwear

· Backpack raincover or bin liner to keep items inside rucksack dry

· Mobile phone and charger. Not to be relied upon as signal isn’t good in part.

Where, when and how much?


  The Yorkshire Three Peaks is free to complete. You can make donations to Yorkshire Dales National Park, who maintain the pathways among the peaks. 

Top Tips



Even though we were with people who had done the route before,  some of the team took a wrong turn and ended up doing an extra 8 miles. For those that aren't proficient with OS maps and navigation there are a number of charities that organise Three Peak challenges.  



Yorkshire Three peaks challenge, raising money for a good cause… definitely worth getting out of breath for.





This legendary mountain adventure race starts at sea level in the stunning Caernarfon Castle and weaves its way to the summit of Snowdon and down the other side into Dinorwic Quarry where we've thrown in an array of punishing obstacles, including the infamous Vertical Kilometre, for you to tackle before you can cross the finishline victorious.

 Rat Race have taken the concept of obstacle-based runs and put it into the hills. The concept is to provide a solid running challenge that links up a few obstacle encounters: These will be exhilarating and largely provided by the landscape, as opposed to being built. Think jumping, swimming (very short sections and with the use of buoyancy aids and safety cover), scrambling and possibly the use of some ropes.




You should be prepared for a long day on your feet. Certainly you should be able to comfortably complete a half marathon and you should practise being in the mountains, whether that's hiking, or running up them. BUT, this event is not designed solely for whippet-y fell runners. It is a unique proposition. Being way-marked (which means no map and compass required) this allows you to concentrate on the task at hand which is covering the distance, looking after your nutrition and making sure you are comfortable  good footwear and the right clothing to put on if the weather turns a bit iffy. This is a step-up for 10k road runners but it's achievable and is built to be so

The Course


You should be prepared for no less than 22 miles with significant ascent (well, from sea level to the summit of Snowdon for starters!), some steep terrain and some varied mountain weather. This is a full day's outing on rugged ground.

Equipment Needed


You need to be ready to do 20 miles on foot in the mountains. That means sturdy off-road footwear, some good waterproofs, gloves, headwear and plenty to eat and drink. We release a mandatory kit list in the Essential Event Information (EEI) document prior to the event that you must carry for your safety.The basic principle here is to dress comfortably, in gear that you know and trust. Spend some time on the hills and try some combinations. We will have some feed stations en route but you should also endeavour to carry fluids and food that suit you. Our feed stations are there to support you; but they won't provide energy gels and the like, so if you have a favourite Scooby snack or race nutrition solution, you should pack that on your person. The Rat Race Store has kit available to help fill any gaps in your kit checklist.

Where, when and how much?


Annual- Next 7th September 2019

Price varies depending on timing and number entered. Early birds and teams get cheaper rates. From £90-£155

Starts in Caernarfon and ends in LLanberis

Top Tips



Exhausting but good fun - probably because it's not a race and you run with team mates so it's a bit of a laugh all the way round. The last hour was basically spent jumping in and out of the water

The Orbis Challenge 2019

Overview- see full review above


Join Dame Kelly Holmes to take on three incredible trail runs through Southern Malawi. You will be joined by a team of Malawian runners for each challenge who will act as your guides, support crew and become an integral part of your team. These runners include Commonwealth Games Runners, Students from a Lakeside School and a Malawi community running team. Witness the beauty of Malawi’s stunning landscape from mountains to plateaus, forests to valleys and finish down at the shores of Lake Malawi.

Where, When and How much?


Starts 5th October 2019 and ends 12th october 2019.  Aim id to raise £10,000 for Open Arms Malawi with additional  fundraising.  To join follow this link:-   https://www.orbis-challenge.com/

The Challenge


Trail Run One : This event is an endurance challenge. The terrain is rough, the route very steep and you will rely heavily on your Malawian running guides to lead you over the rocky paths and safely down. 25km. 1,060 m elevation. 3-7 hrs.

Trail RunTwo: Up into the hills and tracks of Zomba Forest Reserve. The climate should be slightly cooler than Mulanje and the easier terrain means in parts you can get into your stride and enjoy the run. Do expect slippy, rocky tracks- particularly on the descent.  20km. Varying Terrain. 2-4 hrs.

Trail Run Three: The route is largely tracks with undulating landscape and sandy paths at times. Your run will begin and end in Chembe Village so be prepared to be joined by lots of children- they are fast! Afternoon at leisure- kayaking, snorkelling, diving, exploring. 20km. Varying Terrain. 2-4 hrs




The Orbis Challenge live and breathe Malawi. From the booking process to welcoming you off the plane, full event support, community days, lighting that camp fire on the final night and ogling over your photos when you return home. Your health and safety are our paramount concern and we will be with you every step of the way providing 24hr in country support. Our Malawi company, The Responsible Safari Company will be your hosts and our UK Company, Orbis Expeditions will be your booking agents- Orbis Expeditions is ABTA and ATOL bonded. Kate and Dom (owners of both) will be your points of contact and might even join you for a run!•

The Purpose


We aim to raise £10,000 to support the work of Open Arms in Malawi and their commitment to preventing malnutrition in children. This is in addition to your trip cost- you can raise £1-£10,000.  During your time in Malawi you will visit various nutrition based projects and learn more about the vital need for children to have access to at least one good meal a day.

The Orbis Challenge is not just about pushing yourselves to the limits physically it is also about witnessing the beauty of Malawi and interacting with Malawi’s people. In between your event days you will visit local communities, take part in local sports and learn more about this years purpose; nutrition. Included in your cost is three days of community events, a wildlife safari and an afternoon spent on the shores of Lake Malawi. If you want to stay on to discover more we are here to book extra days travel across this beautiful region of Africa.

Final Word


It’s hard to find the words to sum up exactly what The Orbis Challenge 2018 meant to me. From the moment I found out i’d got a place I was in shock and then focused that excited energy on a tough training plan. Having lived in East Africa for 3 years (a decade ago) I knew roughly what to expect, but nothing could have prepared me for the wonder of the experience. Malawi is stunning, and the Malawians exceptionally warm-hearted and joyous people. We went to inspire them through sport and support their grass-roots nutrition project, yet they inspired us more than I can describe. The challenges themselves were crazy, in the best way possible.....seriously tough both mentally and physically, and the sense of achievement at the end was euphoric. This trip is not just a week in your life...it’s a lifetime of memories and a life changing experience. The friends and memories I made that week, I will treasure forever and this includes the amazing Dame Kelly Holmes, who is such a special person. Thank you to all who made this possible. And to anyone even contemplating doing The Orbis Challenge.....seriously don’t hesitate, apply now! Your special journey starts now! ”

Yorkshire Marathon

Overview- see full review above


The Yorkshire Marathon very quickly established itself as one of the highlights of the North's sporting year. This popular and picturesque run, with fantastic PB potential, takes participants past some of the beautiful city of York's splendid historic sites and along scenic country lanes, making it an attractive prospect for runners of all abilities.  Described by the Daily Mirror as the Number 1 Alternative to the London Marathon and by the Guardian as a course on which to smash your PB, this race has written its own place in the UK running calendar.   Achieve a coveted personal best or simply be spurred on by great support and entertainment around the route - the Yorkshire Marathon has all the ingredients to make this an unforgettable experience.

Where, When and How much?


Annual-20th October 2019 at 09.30am

Cost- Circa £53. Early bird discount available and charity spaces.

Where- circular route around York

The Route


Fast and flat! The course itself mixes a nice balance of urban and rural areas with pockets of supporters throughout. Aid stations were stocked and all volunteers dishing out drinks were great, tops already popped off bottles making things that bit easier. 

WILL THERE BE PACERS?  You will find pacers in the appropriate time zones. Remember to thank them if you hit your target!  WHAT FUEL PROVISION WILL BE AVAILABLE ON COURSE?  There are water stations approximately every 3 miles on route. There is also Citrus High5 energy gels at around 15 & 21 miles and isotonic drinks at 6, 12 and 18 miles. Water is available at the finish along with Erdinger Alkoholfrei.  

ARE THERE ANY TOILETS ON ROUTE?  Toilets can be found at the start and finish and also around the course at approximately 4 mile intervals.




•RaceOffice •Baggage •Toilets  •Drink Stations - bottled water and isotonic drinks will be available on route and at the finish.  •Support & Entertainment - A variety of performers and charity cheerleaders will be on hand to keep you motivated around the course. . •First Aid - Should you find you require medical assistance, personnel will be on hand to help at regular intervals on the course with fixed first aid stations located near to the water stations. In addition there will be a first aid unit and recovery area located near to the finish. •Massage - Post-event massage will be available in the event village. •Charity Village - The Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon partners with several local and national charities. 

Final Word


2018 race-It was tough, mainly because of the conditions- not one minute of let up in the rain, and it was cold..... not something we’d experienced having trained all summer. Despite the weather though, the marshals and spectators that braved it were brilliant and so encouraging - definitely a run I’d like to do again on a sunny day!! It certainly hasn’t put me off marathon running - I know I can do it now, and I’m certain I’ve got a faster time in me!



Wensleydale Wedge




A LDWA organised challenge event.  23 mile solo run/walk event to be completed in 9 hours - starting from Askrigg Temperance Hall . 

Trail run/walk with over 2,500 feet of ascent.

Well organised event and good value for money



Well organised event and good value for money,

Checkpoint at Thoralby,  Bolton Abbey with food, and a hot meal at the finish.

For full details  this is a great review from Tyne Bridge Harriers.


The Course



Trail run/walk that is a challenge not a race. Part of the challenge is to navigate the route using public rights of way; there is no route description. The Checkpoints (and amended route from 2016) are:

  • GR948909 - Askrigg Temperance Hall
  • GR922876 - Semerwater Bridge
  • GR916864 - Ruined Chapel (self-clip)
  • GR935839 - Track Junction
  • Via GR962856 - Gate (unmanned)
  • GR999867 - Thoralby Village Hall (refreshments)
  • GR015878 - Eshington Lane (self-clip)
  • GR012888 - Freeholder's Wood (refreshments)
  • GR037906 - Low Thoresby (self-clip)
  • GR033918 - Castle Bolton car park (refreshments) 
  • Via GR021910 - West Bolton (new from 2016)
  • GR007905 - Carperby (new checkpoint from 2016) map here
  • Via GR994902 - rejoin original route to Heugh
  • GR963917 - Heugh
  • GR948909 - Askrigg Temperance Hall (hot food and drinks)

Equipment Needed



This is a winter challenge event, it is strongly recommended that each entrant carry: Map - OS Outdoor Leisure Sheet 30 or Landranger Sheet 98; whistle; compass; waterproof jacket and over-trousers; first-aid kit; survival bag or blanket; torch, emergency rations and MUG.

Where, when and how much?


The LDWA organises many challenge and local group walks, as well as listing many more organised by other organisations. Challenge events are normally between 20 and 100 miles and must generally be completed within a defined time limit. Group walks are normally led walks of around 20 miles.

Annual in November

Enter on line at https://www.sientries.co.uk/event.php?elid=Y&event_id=5389 or by post (cheques or BACS transfer).

The entry fee is £8.00 (LDWA member) or £10 (non-member).