Which Yoga Class is right for me?



Go out and try a few classes. Find a teacher that works best for you and gives you the type of practice that you need at that particular point.  Don't give up on Yoga just because you tried a Hatha yoga class and found it too slow. If you are a runner, look for studios that offer workshops aimed at yogi's that run, I have recently seen a morning of cycling followed by yoga for cyclists session. There are workshops to improve handstands, balance poses, mindfullness...  The choice is endless but here's my  brief guide to finding your Yoga tribe:-

Top Tip:- Check out your nearest Sweaty Betty to see if they are offering any free yoga classes as part of their in store classes across the UK

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga- Traditional and all encompassing yoga practice where poses are held for a few minutes with breaks in between. Some studios now offer Hot Hatha classes where studios are heated by infra red lights. Good for beginners as slower paced


Iyengar Yoga- concentrates on alignment and posture. Good for developing strength and flexibility and use of props such as blocks and straps help to develop each asana. Teachers introduce breath control as practice develops.  Good for beginners due to use of props.  


Vinyasa - co-ordinated and sequenced flow of poses synchronised by the breath. More challenging and good for those looking to improve cardio and strength. Similar to Ashtanga in terms of flow and poses (see below) , but Vinyasa teachers tend  to vary the sequence to keep each class different. Some studios offer hot Vinyasa classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. 


Ashtanga- more challenging, sequenced yoga poses . Traditional Ashtanga yoga follows the same sequence and poses in the same order.


Bikram Yoga- Series of 26 Hatha yoga postures typically performed in 40 deg c heat.

Yin Yoga- slower paced yoga with the poses held for a longer period of time to deepen the stretch and a practice in stillness and calm.