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I can cycle that....

Cycle sportive sporty forty mountain biking

Want to try a cycling  challenge? Whether you are an absolute beginner or king of the hill, our reviews will help you decide which sportive is for you.

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I can run that...


How far do you want to push it? Is it hilly?  Give it a go and read our reviews and tops tips here.

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I can do a mud run......


Mud runs now that looks you need to be really fit, am I told old at forty, what shoes are best, what exercise is best,  are there any showers??? Advice, reviews and top tips for mud runs and O.C.R.. Be Sporty after Forty

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I can try a Tri...


Love to swim, and cycle oh and run... what distance is right for me, is it an indoor swim, do I need a tri suit, what bike is best, our reviews and top tips here...

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Share your big news....


Let us know what events you have recently entered or fun adventures you want to share... 

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and there's so much more....


Love a good stretch , want to improve your strength, try something many fun ways to get fit and have adventures, try wakeboarding, ariel yoga, pilates, pole dancing, cross fit, sky diving, zip wires..take a look at what we have been up too.

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About Us


It's all About You

This website is all about you. From the first attempts to becoming an expert in the field apparently takes 10,000 hours. There are a lot of hours in between to just go out  and try a new sport or adventure.. We all have different levels of fitness , budgets and time to spend in the pursuit of our own  happy level of  fitness. Sportyafterforty is here to share these experiences with you , through our open honest and fun reviews of events, sporting activities and adventures.. Our aim is to encourage those taking their first steps and to motivate those looking for more of a challenge. We live by the motto "Say yes to adventures "..but dont forget to read the small print. Hopefully sportyafterforty will provide some of the small print and answer some of your questions and concerns which may be stopping you from getting up and going. We aim to provide reviews and events for everyone and answer your questions that we would typically ask..  how hilly is this run/cycle, tri route, what do I need, was it worth the money, how much training did you do, was it welll organised ...we are here to help and support you on your fitness journey where the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday


My story

As a mum of two in her mid forties (now approaching late forties) my circle of friends range from the ninja warrior athletes entering eye watering difficult sportives, iron men and quadrathuns to those brave enough to start out and try a new class, join cross fit  or run their first 5k. I am sat in the middle somewhere , with my own fitness goals but  I admire all of them .My fitness journey started  about 4 years ago when my youngest was about 2 years old and had finally allowed us some sleep at night and I arguably went through my mid life crisis.  It started with evening jogs/chats with other mums and our first challenge .. a small 5k mud run, which led to a 10k mud run. I broke my ankle. Lol. Was not laughing at time. We bought bikes, started training for a weekend away cycling from Liverpool to Leeds..loved it and so it all began. We have tried aerial yoga, wakeboarding, indoor sky diving, triathlons, sportives just to have a bit of fun, try something new, hopefully get fit in the process but mainly just to have a laugh. Starting this website and looking through the photos from that first 5k to where I am now has made me realise just how much I have changed and how very little I knew when we first started to look and take part in different fun events. We made mistakes but we tried and still keep trying. We didnt have the right kit , not a  problem unless you are wearing the equivalent of slip on shoes for a mud run,  forgot puncture repair kits, got lost and climbed hills we werent supposed to, but it all added to the laughs. We always said yes first then tried to find out the small details it hilly, how hard is it, would we be  the oldest swimmers in town.  Did we want to run through the local school at 8am in our bathing costumes... so many questions... hopefully sportyafterforty has some answers now. If not, just do it then send us the review. Good luck x


Our Mission

Wake up determined, go to bed satisfied.. Promoting and encouraging fun and happy fitness adventures through open and honest reviews and news

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